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Mediation can be a challenging process where disputing parties need to negotiate sensitive issues such as family law parenting and financial issues, or even workplace disputes. Negotiations can be particularly stressful in family disputes when the participants generally have a history of tension and communication breakdown.

As a neutral and independent mediator, Shane McClure is committed to excellence in mediation, and focuses on building and maintaining effective communication between parties in order to work towards realistic and compatible goals in a peaceful and productive manner.

Shane McClure provides mediation services across Australia, with numerous convenient and flexible options for the location of each session. Participants can choose from face-to-face sessions, teleconference, video link, and even in different rooms at the same venue. This flexibility ensures that the mediation takes place in a safe and convenient environment for both parties.

Shane McClure understands the challenges that disputing parties may face. He knows exactly what it is like to run a business, be involved in litigation, or go through a family law dispute, and coupled with being an Australian Lawyer, Shane ensures disputes are reality checked and focussed on effective communication and future planning.

Mediation for the best outcomes

Mediation is a highly confidential, cost-effective and supportive way to settle disputes as an alternative to court.

Dispute resolution and mediation services have proven to be successful at re-establishing productive ongoing communication between parties in order to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes. This is particularly helpful in family disputes where the issues involved are emotionally charged and extremely personal.

Shane’s extensive mediation experience combined with his rich and detailed knowledge of all aspects of Victorian law and court processes ensures that all parties benefit from his professional and personal expertise.

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